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Soulthy T. =  SoulHealthyTea 


Staying Healthy begins with the natural healthy drinks. 

Soulthy T. is a French herbal infusion brand.  

We strive to promote the nature, health, and wellness of the Asian life attitude into French and European life styles.

Through the habit of drinking healthy tea, we dedicate ourselves to take care of your physical and mental wellness.

Our blends are elaborated by our Chinese medicine consultant, and specific tailor-make for people who live in France and European countries.

Most of our blends ingredients are natural and certificated organic. 

It allows you to enjoy our blends without worry or hesitation.  

Staying healthy and well should no longer be a chore.

Founder's Story

Bonjour touts et routes, I am Phoebe, a Gen Y young mother, who brought up in Hong Kong and am currently living in Paris, France with my French Asian partner and my little one. 


Missing the taste of Chinese natural herbal infusion....

The longan red date goji rose tea that my mom used to make all the time is my favourite herbal infusion. Before I left Hong Kong, she asked me again and again to take care of my body and stay healthy because she would not be right next to me anymore.


Once I arrived in France, I started looking for herbal infusion similar to the ones I used to drink at home. There are many brands of herbal infusions available in France, but no matter how many I tried, there is still a taste missing - a specific taste that it used to have in Chinese herbal infusion. A thought of "why don't I make Chinese herbal infusion myself?" has started popping up.

Not long after settling down here, I became pregnant. Because of the Great Pandemic, my parents could not visit us and take care of me and my newborn baby. So I was left alone searching and choosing the right food and drink for my postpartum care which further ignites my passion of making an infusion myself.


I started my exploration on how to prepare and blend with different ingredients, and found that there are many ingredients across different supermarkets, including Chinese and local stores, It seems not to be a feasible option to run all over Paris to purchase the ingredients in order to make one herbal infusions every time.  

Therefore, an idea of pre-making an individual Chinese herbal infusion has risen. And, here we are. Soulthy T. is born for people:

  • who want to promote a healthy lifestyle through drinking and eating appetite (like me!);

  • who want to drink healthy herbal infusion in office/ at home but only have limited time to prepare;

  • who likes the Asian lifestyle attitudes

  • who likes drinking and eating......

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